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Fettuccini Pollo Pesto
Grilled chicken, mixed peppers & leeks in a pesto cream sauce.
Fettuccini Pollo Pestoclose
Spaghetti Polpette
Spaghetti with meat balls in a tomato basil sauce.
Spaghetti Polpetteclose
Tortelonni Rose Sauce
Small circles of meat filled pasta, spinach, seasoned with herbs in a rose sauce .
Tortelonni Rose Sauceclose
Lasagna Al Forno (Meat)
Tomato meat sauce, spinach, oven baked with mozzarella & parmesan.
Lasagna Al Forno (Meat)close
Fettuccini Salmone
Salmon, oyster mushrooms, snow peas, mixed peppers in a white wine cream sauce.
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Spaghetti Alla Contadine
Spaghetti with oyster mushrooms, peppers, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes in a garlic olive oil sauce.
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Ravioli meat
Meat ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes & rapini in Amato tomato sauce
Ravioli meatclose
Linguine Vongole
Linguine with baby clams & plum tomatoes in a white wine tomato cream sauce.
Linguine Vongoleclose
Fusilli Pollo
Grilled chicken, mixed peppers, mushrooms, spinach in a white wine parmesan cream sauce.
Fusilli Polloclose
Farfalle Alla Panna
Farfalle with grilled chicken, mixed peppers, spinach & lemon in a ricotta cream sauce.
Farfalle Alla Pannaclose
Ravioli Cheese
Ricotta & spinach ravioli with,rappini,sundried- tomato,in a tomato sauce.
Ravioli Cheeseclose
Fusilli Salsiccia
fusilli with hot italian sausage,mushrooms,leeks in a rose sauce.
Fusilli Salsicciaclose
Rigatoni Arabiatta
Sun-dried tomatoes & hot peppers in Amato tomato sauce.
Rigatoni Arabiattaclose
Pennone Al Forno
Green peppers, mushrooms & tomato meat sauce, baked with parmesan & mozzarella.
Pennone Al Fornoclose
Fusilli Primavera
Fusilli with seasonal vegetables in a basil tomato sauce.
Fusilli Primaveraclose
Fettuccini Pescatore
Shrimp, scallops, mixed peppers, green onions in a tomato cream sauce.
Fettuccini Pescatoreclose
Rigatoni Funghi
Rigatoni with oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms & button mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce.
Rigatoni Funghiclose
Pennone Salmone
Salmon, snow peas, broccoli & capers in a dill rose sauce.
Pennone Salmoneclose
Baked Penne Meat Sauce
penne baked with three cheese & tomato meat sauce
Baked Penne Meat Sauceclose
Baked Rigatoni with Roasted Veggi
Rigatoni baked with roasted veg in a tomato sauce & mozzarella.
Baked Rigatoni with Roasted Veggiclose
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